One Book One Valley Announces 2020 Book

One Book One Valley (OBOV) 2020 Kickoff at The Bookworm of Edwards. Year 9 for our Community Read – I’m Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter by Erika Sanchez.


Proclamation 2020 - KickoffPresentation11

One Book One Valley Announces 2019 book

Lori Barnes, Director of Library Services of Vail Public Library, explains the mission of a local organization known as One Book One Valley as “looking at our community through the lens of reading and considering how we can bring the joy of reading into local businesses, agencies and organizations.”

This group of readers is taking the valley by storm as it strives to unite an entire community through literature. Barnes is the founder of OBOV and has brought authors including, Lin Enger, Ben Winters and Craig Johnson to the valley.

Last week at The Bookworm of Edwards, “Last of the Menu Girls” by Denise Chavez was announced as the OBOV book.

“I am thrilled to be selected as the 2019 OBOV author,” Chavez said. “I love the state of Colorado. … I spent time … exploring and coming to love the landscape, the people, the history, the true magic that is the beautiful energy of this spirit-filled place. … I am deeply honored as well to be a multicultural representative for my Mexican-American ancestors in a time of challenge that continues to show us we are all one people.”

2018 One Book One Valley is here!

Join us for a community read of Ben Winter’s Underground Airlines!

Click HERE for One Book One Valley Events!

One Book One Valley launches Jan. 31

On Wednesday, Jan. 31, the Eagle Valley will pull back the cover on a book that will be the region’s latest One Book One Valley read.

The annual program features one book each winter, surrounded by special events, discussions and a visit from the author to close out the program. The title isn’t revealed until the kickoff event, but Vail town librarian and program organizer Lori Ann Barnes said this year’s read will differ from past selections, which have included everything from historical Western themes to murder mysteries. Without revealing the title, she gave several clues to the 2018 selection.

“This year’s title falls under the genre of ‘alternative history.’ It takes place in the present day, and it’s suspenseful — we’ll leave it at that for people to guess,” she said.

At the kickoff event, organizers will celebrate the seventh year of the One Book One Valley program. Officials from all the town councils and Eagle County will read a proclamation ushering in the start of the program and readers will hear details on the awaited title.

“This year’s book is especially exciting because of its social relevance and its genre,” said Nicole Magistro, of The Bookworm of Edwards. “I think we will see a lot of new readers come to — and enjoy — this book. It’s a page-turner that generates discussion.”

to read the complete article, click here!

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Book TV: Panel Discussion, “The Journey of a Book” with Lin Enger

Book review: ‘The High Divide,’ by Lin Enger, 2017 One Book One Valley selection: February 11, 2017

Vail’s Town Librarian and founder of the One Book One Valley initiative, Lori A. Barnes commented “One Book One Valley is my baby, it’s one of my pet projects, It’s something that occurred to me when I was having envy 6 1/2 years ago: How come Denver gets to do this? And Steamboat? I didn’t want to do it with just Vail; Eagle Valley is a small community, relatively speaking, so we figured we would do it up big.”

One Book One Valley 2017 Kick-off Date announced here!

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