It’s time for One Book One Valley 2018!

Did you guess the title?  It’s Underground Airlines by Ben Winters!

From the NPR summary:

Underground Airlines will start a lot of conversations. A lot.

The book’s narrator is an African-American man living in a near-future United States in which slavery has never been entirely eliminated (“Big Abe,” meaning President-elect Lincoln, was shot early in his campaign, and several Southern states amended the Constitution to retain it).

Worse, he’s working for a Union that supports slavery through its cooperation with the “Hard Four” states that maintain it. This man, whose name is generally Victor, simmers with rage early on and throughout: “I remember them. I remember them all” he says, of the men, women, and children he’s been forced to hunt down. “… it was my practice at the beginning of a new job, to think of myself as having no name at all. As being not really a person at all. A man was missing, that’s all, missing and hiding, and I was not a person but a manifestation of will. I was a mechanism — a device. That’s all I was.”

(to read the full article, please follow this link to NPR and follow this link for current programming and events related to One Book One Valley)


Did you guess the title from the teasers?  Can you figure out what portions of the book they relate to?

Teaser one





And teaser number two!






And now…for teaser number three!  Have you figured out the title yet?


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